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  • Thomas Lund

Your Winter Solution to Attacking COVID-19, Flu in the Breathing Zone, Where Transmission Occurs.

As many have predicted, we are moving into a season that accelerates the transmission of COVID-19. For many businesses that have survived through the summer by keeping windows open and patios full, these options are coming to an end – at least in the northern states.

Now businesses are faced with a more difficult path forward. Keeping ventilation rates high (outside air) may not be feasible. Increasing the HVAC system’s filtration efficiency (min. MERV 13) is only so effective and should be done in step with an HVAC company you can trust to ensure your system can handle the increased pressure drop. Humidity now becomes a factor, too. Relative humidity environments below 30% can cause COVID infected respiratory droplets to evaporate, causing the virus to become aerosolized (mobile). Drier nasal passages crack, and also contribute to increased viral transmission.

Does your business, facility, or home have a plan?

Knock down viral pathogens in the air at the breathing zone with compliant air purification systems like #NPBI™ by Global Plasma Solutions, shown to be clinically effective against COVID-19.

Reach out to Clean Entrance for a complete analysis of your space and solutions to move forward: or 833-4STERILE.

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