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  • Thomas Lund

CES Delivers CondensationControl™ for Residential Clients With Window Frame Mess

CES prides itself on delivering customizable, effective solutions for improving the health of indoor air for its residential and commercial clients. In addition to installing HVAC-based or mobile electronic air purification systems, we also provide solutions to maintain proper humidity. According to Mayo Clinic, "...Ideally, humidity in your home should be at 30% and 50%..." This level optimizes health and helps ward off viruses, dry skin, and respiratory illnesses. It also prevents damage to floors, antiques, and precious art caused by a lack of humidity. Unfortunately, for some residences, running humidification at the recommended levels, yields an icy, sloppy, wet mess on window frames (pictured above is an actual photo from Water Tower Place Residences).

Thanks to our professional engineers, CES designed CondensationControl™, the proven solution to enable appropriate humidification without the mess. CondensationControl™ is a self-regulating, thermally-controlled system and a turn-key solution for the cold months where condensation is at its peak. Installation is typically completed within a week and yields the biggest return for a healthy, indoor environment without the mess. Clients are taking advantage of the warmer season to enjoy outdoors during their installation, and can be well-prepared to enjoy the colder months without condensation ruining specialty trim and baseboards. Pictured above are the Water Tower Place Residence existing windows treated with CondensationControl™. Post-installation shows no mess, no aesthetic difference, and now, a healthy humidified home!

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